To insure we recieve your orders correctly, you can place your order with us direct by downloading our software.
(Please note you will need an active internet connection when operating this software).


Please note you will need to have the latest Microsoft .NET Framework environment installed in order for our software to work correctly. Please click here to install this if you do not have it already installed.


Ultra Tough Order Entry Software


Click here to download the installation package.


When prompted choose run as displayed below.



On the first window you will be prompted by the setup wizard to install the Ultratough Order Entry Software, choose next to start this process.



You will be requeseted to input a location to install the files, we have given default values that will work on all Windows PCs, you can however change them if you like, if the computer you use has more than one user account you have the option to install the program so it's available to all accounts stored on the computer or just the one you are currently using.
Inexperienced users should use the default values to avoid any problems. Click next.



If you are happy with your selections you can now press next to install the files to your computer.





Finished! Click close to complete the setup process.



You will now have a new icon on you desktop like the one shown below. Double click the icon to start the software.



To find out more about how to use the Order Entry software, please contact us.


Other Software


PDF Creator
PDF Creator is a free printer driver that will install a PDF printer onto your machine and allow you to print documents straight into a PDF file that can be emailed to us.

To find out more information about this software and support, please click here.

Microsoft .Net FrameworkMicrosoft .NET Framework version 4.5.2
The Microsoft .NET Framework version 4.5.2 (x86_x64) redistributable package installs the .NET Framework runtime and associated files required to run applications developed to target the .NET Framework v4.5.2

To find out more information about this software and support, please click here.

File Name: dotnetfx.exe
Version: 4.5.2
Language: English
Download Size: 66.8 MB


Support (Teamviewer)
If you experience any difficulties with operating or installing our software, please download our support software and contact us to arrange for a member of staff to assist you.

Download UT Support Software.

If you have any problems installing the about software please email us on, One of our technical or IT support staff will be glad to help you out.

FM 70586
KM 60573

FM 70586
KM 60573