At Ultra Tough we offer toughened glass from world leading glass manfacturers, including Pilkington, Guardian Global, Saint Gobain and many more.

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The Pilkington Range

Solar Control

The Pilkington range of Solar Control glass offers a range of performance options to suit most building applications including the NEW Pilkington Suncool™ 70/35)

All Pilkington Solar products are available in toughened or laminated form for safety and security requirements and can be combined with other benefits such as noise control. 

Pilkington Solar Control Range

Pilkington Activ™ Blue Datasheet

Pilkington Activ™ Neutral Datasheet

Pilkington Activ™ Commercial Brochure

Pilkington Artcic Blue™ Datasheet

Pilkington Cervoglass Activ

Pilkington Cervoglass Sun

Pilkington Cervoglass Thermal

Pilkington Eclipse Advantage Brochure

Thermal Insulation

With increasing environmental awareness, more emphasis is now being placed on ways to save energy in any building, domestic or commercial. In recent years, new regulations have been introduced specifying minimum requirements for energy efficiency. Glass can play an important role in this.

Pilkington energiKare™

Pilkington energiKare™ Legacy

Pilkington energiKare™ Triple

Pilkington Insulight™ Therm

Pilkington K Glass™

Pilkington Optifloat™

Pilkington Optitherm™ S4

Noise Control

Pilkington Optiphon™ is the ideal choice of glass for sound control in situations where there is excess noise from roads, rail, air traffic and other sources. Using a PVB (polyvinyl butyral) specific interlayer, Pilkington Optiphon™ is a high quality acoustic laminated glass that offers excellent noise reduction.

Pilkington Optiphon™

Safety & Security

For total reassurance of greater safety and security without compromising levels of natural daylight, Pilkington offers a choice of glass products. From security to fire-resistance, glass can be used to protect a building's occupants from accidental and deliberate damage in many ways, while also allowing the creation of bold and attractive designs. The main categories in which glass can be used for protection are outlined here.

Pilkington Optilam™

Fire Protection

A range of fire-resistant glass types is available offering increasing levels of protection, which is measured in defined time periods (30, 60, 90, 120 and 180 minutes) and in terms of Integrity and Insulation or Integrity only as designated by the European Standards.

Pilkington Fire Range

Safe Cleaning

The unique dual-action of the Pilkington Activ™ coating uses the forces of nature to help keep the glass free from organic dirt, giving you not only the practical benefit of less cleaning, but also clearer, better-looking windows.

Pilkington Activ™ Range


Pilkington range of decorative glass turns it from a basic construction material into a means of adding style and elegance. By incorporating decorative glass, you can add privacy and meet any requirements, aesthetic or practical.

Pilkington Texture Glass

Pilkington Spandrel Glass

Pilkington Optimirror™

Pilkington Optifloat™ Satin

Special Applications

Glass with unique characteristics used in both building and non-building applications.

Pilkington Microfloat™ Range

Pilkington Optiwhite™ Range

Glass Systems

Pilkington Planar™, the world's leading structural glass system, opens up vast possibilities for architects, allowing them to create a complete glass envelope for buildings with frameless façades on any plane.

Pilkington Planar™ Range

Planar™ Sentry Glas® Plus System

FM 70586
KM 60573

FM 70586
KM 60573